Thermal Rail™ changes the foundation of the Data Center, and just as a bad foundation will cause problems, a good foundation yields many benefits, some of them unexpected.

Here we list some of the benefits that a shift away from air cooling to Thermal Rail™ brings to the table.

Cost Savings



The golden rule for developing Thermal Rail™ was to focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) above all else. This rule was followed for all components and leads to some clear financial benefits.


When taking full advantage of features unique to Thermal Rail™, the manufacture of fanless and reduced-cost server designs are made possible and a conservative analysis estimates significant savings for even the most advanced Data Centers in operation today.


Source data available here.

The above data was produced by performing an analysis of the costs involved in deploying a variety of Data Centers operating with different power usage effectiveness (PUE). The analysis primarily focused on savings generated by switching to Thermal Rail™, including server and enclosure costs, server operating costs (electrical), and server cooling costs.

Low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Higher Density and Reduced Real-Estate Needs

Waste Heat Recycling



Location Independent Efficiency

Fanless and Mission-Critical Compatible

Backwards Compatibility and Clear Upgrade Path

Powerful Vibration Free Cooling

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