High-Efficiency Cooling for 

Data Centers

Thermal Rail™ is a high-efficiency, next-generation cooling technology for Data Centers designed to meet both the technical and business needs of a Data Center with a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Advantages of using Thermal Rail™

The power of water, with none of the risk.
Cost Effective

Costs less, uses less energy, and wastes less water.

Easy  to Deploy

Is less complex and is easy to

deploy and use.

Mission Critical

Is mission-critical compatible with full redundancy.

Recovers Value

Can easily recover value from waste heat.

Low PUE Contribution

Contributes less than 0.02 to PUE for the entire cooling solution.

Simple Upgrade Path

Deployable alongside air-cooled systems and adaptable for any server


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Proof of Concept

We're proud to present a first look at the operating hardware of the world's most advanced, high-efficiency cooling solution for Data Centers.

Why Thermal Rail™?

Development of Thermal Rail™ began in response to one simple question...​


Why are we still using air cooling?

Well, air cooling is:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use

  • Safe and reliable

  • What we're used to

But it's also:

  • Expensive and inefficient

  • Limited and limiting

  • At end-of-life


Aren't there alternatives to air cooling?

Direct Liquid Cooling and Immersion Cooling have existed since the 1960s and were used in systems such as the Cray-2 and IBM Mainframes.

More recently, Direct Liquid Cooling and Immersion Cooling have re-appeared, due in large part to the realization that air cooling just isn't enough anymore.

Direct Liquid Cooling

  • Expensive with multiple cold-plates and quick-disconnects per server

  • Thousands of potential points of catastrophic failure per rack

  • Can't efficiently cool all the components within a server without air cooling


Immersion Cooling

  • Complex maintenance

  • Incompatible with optical connections and most HDDs

  • Expensive coolant with unknown material interactions


Cray-2 Supercomputer

The market has had their say on alternatives and the market says they're not good enough.


 The market wants something else!

Design goals for Thermal Rail

Thermal Rail™ was designed to be a viable replacement for air cooling, but in order to do that we had to make sure that Thermal Rail™ had what it took. By following a few simple design goals, we've made sure that it does!

  • Focus on total cost of ownership and scalability

  • Keep all the advantages of air without the negatives

    • Convenient and easy to use

    • Safe and reliable

    • Simple and easy to implement​

  • Keep cost less than any other alternative with the same or higher efficiency 

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